“Brightonian songstress Hannah Brackenbury has been described as Victoria Wood and Tim Minchin’s lesbian love child. She’s more than that. She’s Hannah, and her songs are both bloody funny and beautifully touching.

Her first album, Postcard From Brighton, is full to the brim with humour and sharply enchanting lyrics. Her funny bone is so universal that rumour has it the opening track on the album Tomorrow is currently spreading across schoolyards in the Midlands as a viral ringtone. It’s rather rude about bosses who don’t deliver on initial employment promises.

Other subjects skipped through include furtive liaisons, car boot sales and not being cool. Hannah is cool, despite what she says.

She’s been a straight-up musician for a number of years, leaving her with a commanding stage presence and a strong voice – and also making sure she knows exactly what to do in those gaps between carefully crafted songs.

When you go along to Hannah’s music-based comedy set, not only do you know you’re in safe hands entertainment-wise, but you also get that tingly feeling on the back of your neck that you’re catching her before the big time takes over.

Catch her live, buy a CD and get her to sign it for you on your way out. Then sing your favourite Hannah songs with your mates all the way home. Quintessentially Brighton, and aren’t we the richer for it?”

Latest 7 magazine – 20th April 2010


Gscene magazine – June 2010



“Bradwell-born Hannah Brackenbury takes snippets of everyday life that everyone can relate to and turns them into engaging and amusing songs.

She writes image rich, contemporary and very funny lyrics covering subjects like hating your job, librarians, not being cool and car boot sales, with a couple of love songs thrown in for good measure – Leave Me Be is a straight-up pretty little ballad.

Accompanying herself on the piano – she studied popular music and music technology at uni – her songs are actually very well structured, if you can focus on them through the hilarious lyrical content.

Not unlike a female Tim Minchin, her lyrics are very clever, witty and despite being quite vulgar at times (there needs to be an explicit lyrics label on this CD) there is a bit of a moral message in some of the songs if you look hard.

Postcard From Brighton, so named because she is now based in the seaside town, was recorded and produced by Hannah and sounds very professional.

A lot of hard work has gone into the album and it’s a totally unique and very honest piece of work. It’s great comedy combined with a talented songwriter.”

Great Yarmouth Advertiser – 18th February 2010


This weekend saw the launch of Brighton-based comedy singer-songwriter Hannah Brackenbury’s long awaited second album, ‘Jumbled’. She also competed as a finalist in the Musical Comedy Awards in the Udderbelly on London’s South Bank (fingers crossed for her taking the title, but due to print deadlines we just don’t know at time of going to press). It’s looking like being Brackenbury’s year, and ‘Jumbled’ is certainly a most excellent indicator of this.
It’s cheeky from the opening track ‘Country Music Fan’ – embracing good honest innuendo and quick wit, without a weak song amongst the collection. Even the delightfully silly celebration of breasts just makes you laugh, although a favourite is the cheeky homage to The Sound Of Music.

Brackenbury’s humour is strong and warm, and it’s good to hear more of her original material after the runaway YouTube success of her lesbian Taylor Swift send-up – ‘Cats Together’, proving that she’s not simply a clever lyricist. She’s an entire comedy songwriter. And she’s got loads of them for us to enjoy.

Latest 7 magazine – 12th April 2016


Bent Double with Zoe Lyons @ Komedia, Brighton – 4th Dec 2011

“Hannah Brackenbury is a Brighton-based musical-comedienne. Her hilarious songs and parodies have made her a regular fixture on Brighton’s comedy scene. She has been compared to Victoria Wood and Tim Minchin thanks to her hilarious and intelligent songs. Whilst her comedic talents will have you laughing her musical ability will make sure the infectious songs get stuck in your head long after her sets are finished.

As well as her own songs she performed an utterly random parody of the Carpenter’s classic Close to You. Answering the question “Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?” with the brilliantly alternative “because your head is made of bread!” Needless to say Hannah’s version went down very well indeed.

She finished with The L Word, which contains a completely unexpected punch line that I don’t want to ruin for you, so I instead urge you to listen to it yourselves!”

Brighton Lite (online) – 11th December 2011