warrensqA joyful and poignant musical tribute to the late, great Victoria Wood – devised and performed by Hannah Brackenbury.

Winner of Best Show at the Funny Women Awards 2019.

Winner of the Broadway Baby Bobby Award for Best of the Festival – Brighton Fringe 2018.

 – Broadway Baby – “This comedian is a class act… if Wood could have chosen someone to celebrate and showcase her work, and demonstrate its influence on future comedians, who would it be? I’m pretty sure Hannah Brackenbury would have been on her shortlist” – Jane Beeston full review

 – Latest Brighton – “At the heart of this show is a deep respect for the late musical entertainment icon… a project born out of love and joy… Victorious moves you to tears and to laughter with a racy suburban rhyme and a tender touch” – Victoria Nangle full review

 “Wow! What a fantastically brilliant, beautifully crafted show. It made me shed a few tears remembering how fabulous Victoria Wood was and this was a very respectful tribute and celebration of her work. Hannah Brackenbury is packed with talent and this is the perfect showcase to show it all off.” – Jo Jepson-Davies, Scilly Laughs Festival

 “Hannah not only sings catchy and witty songs of her own, she also gives Victoria Wood’s catalogue the performance it deserves” – Richard Vranch, The Comedy Store Players

 “We were just blown away by the simplicity of Hannah’s show. She didn’t need any adornments, there was just real, raw talent there. It was beautiful!” – Melanie Chisholm, Broadway Baby (Brighton Fringe awards ceremony)

Audiences said:

 “Sharp, on point, fabulous entertainment and a moving tribute to Victoria Wood. A thrilling and gripping show that touches the soul. Victoria would be honoured and proud.”

A lovely tribute to Victoria Wood. Good choice of songs, beautifully sung, and Hannah’s own material is funny and poignant too. An amusing, clever and moving show.”

We’ve just had the best time at Hannah Brackenbury’s touching tribute to the glorious Victoria Wood. Squeezed into a converted shipping container with 40 other giggling ladies and 3 giggling men – we shed a little tear and hooted with laughter at Hannah’s own brilliant songs – a great double act: the genius of Victoria Wood and the genius of Hannah.”

We were lucky enough to snaffle tickets to ‘Victorious’ just before all the shows sold out at the Brighton Fringe. All four of us rated Hannah’s solo show as a big thumbs up! It was warm, witty, loving, melodious, delightful, hilarious, poignant, joyful.”

“Fantastic to be reminded of the brilliant songs of Victoria Wood, and Hannah’s own funny poems and songs carry on in her tradition – thoroughly enjoyable!”

“Just back from seeing ‘Victorious’! Made me feel so sad as I too loved Victoria Wood, but also so happy as Hannah was amazing in both her covers and her own songs too. I am amazed she hasn’t risen to stardom – I’m sure it’s only a matter of time that I’m watching her on TV like I did with Victoria Wood. AMAZING!”

 “A natural, unassuming and incredibly talented performer. Hannah channels the great Victoria Wood and impresses with her own material too.”

Mise en page 1Proudly supporting the Victoria Wood Foundation (formerly the Victoria Wood Charitable Trust). Collections from the Brighton Fringe shows raised a total of £205.39 for the charity.

A big thank you to everyone who donated